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This SIHH looks to be a great opportunity to set a few ultra-thin records. I am totally on board with this, so let's move forward. To slim down a timepiece, the easiest way is to reduce tolerances and margins. The goal is to get as close to optimal projections as possible. It sounds great in theory until you realize that by reducing tolerances,omega replica margins, and other things, you are removing the room for mistakes. When you remove the room for mistakes, you better ensure that everything is perfect every time.

As a pathological overachiever (not because I achieve much, but just because I am unhealthily obsessed with it), it is difficult to get everything to work flawlessly, let alone consistently. The ultra-thin watchmaking industry is the closest to reconciling theory and practice, transforming ideals into reality, realizing the dream, etc.

The omega replica is powered by the 5133. The cal. The base is 2120, and this happens a lot. The cal. The 2120, which I'm also unhealthily obsessed with -- yes, you know that I have an issue, too) is the thinnest automatic full-rotor movement currently in production. It has held this title since its introduction in 1967. It's also strong enough for a lot of modules. That's why almost every omega replica perpetual-calendar watch has one. Under the crystal caseback,Richard Mille Replica there is a 2120-piece rotor. Remember the QP Metropolitan universal time? You do because you are a watch geek like me and you read this. This is a BAMF if ever there was one.

Cal. To say that the cal. However, 2120 does not accurately reflect the dynamic between 5133 and 2120, as it gives the impression of a one-sided relationship where the first takes, while the second gives. In reality, the cal. The cal. It takes 2120.